It comes with no surprise that 1950’s is oftentimes donned as “The Golden Age”. With the sorrows of the Second World War in the rear view, manufacturers fought to produce a defining automobile to lead the way.


The year of 1954 gifted us with many milestones. Elvis invested an entire $4 to produce his first two songs, only to be upstaged by fellow royalty, Queen Elizabeth II, as she opened New Zealand Parliament. Akin to these momentous feats was the launch of rear gem, the Buick Skylark Series 100.


Buick is an automobile brand of General Motors; in fact it was the establishing company of this major American manufacturer. A Buick is not your run of the mill Classic; it stands out from the rest of your fleet. Buick was always pushing the boundaries by merging comfort, style and power. This has earnt them a reputation for luxury.


This Buick was crafted especially for those with a desire for adventure on the road. The 1954 Buick Skylark Series 100 was a success in the pursuit of manufacturing a luxury sports car. This automobile epitomises elegance, whilst being complimented with dashing zest. It is only right that this sportster was in limited production. It goes without saying that this masterpiece is packing. With a 200 horsepower Fireball V8 engine, 4 Barrel Carburettor, Twin Turbine Dynaflow Transmission and Buick Safety Power Steering, this Skylark is more than just a pretty face.


Only 836 of these beauties were ever produced, and only around 80 still grace us with their presence. At Classics Museum, we are home to one of two 1954 Buick Skylark Series 100 in the country. It would be devastating for any avid car fanatic to miss out on seeing this elegant automobile, so be sure to give us a visit soon.